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SPI pins dead on a M5208EVBe

Discussion created by Niel Slaughter on Feb 24, 2009
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I have some assembly code software running on a M5208EVBe board and a Freescale Coldfire processor.  I am able to load the code and run it (by setting the pc to the start of the code) in both the BDM debug mode (with GDB debugger), and by using the dBUG terminal program loaded into the ram of the processor during default startup.  However, despite running all my QSPI setup commands (which wiggle the pins in simulation), no SPI activity occurs on the pins at all.  CSB is stuck low, while the QCLK is also stuck low.


For reference, here is a list of all the registers I set:


0xA102 into QMR

0x0100 into QIR

0x01 into ICR31

0x0400 into QDLYR

0x0020 into QAR

0x8e00 into QDR (5 times, autoinc each time)

0x0000 into QAR

(various data) into QDR

0x1400 into QWR

0x8400 into QDLYR to start!


and nothing happens.  The interrupt does work, but it hoses the program because I don't know how to set the interrupt vector table using dBUG.


I have searched the forum and the FAQs for answers to this question and I have not seen one.