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Ls1046 abnormal crash

Question asked by X DS on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by X DS

   Hi, I meet a problem: I desigend a board with ls1046(1.2GHz), reffer to ls1046rdb.  A simple boot which print i++, runs and abnormally crash with no time regularity, maybe crash in a few seconds or in a few minutes or one hour. 

   I have measured the power supply & clk , nothing abnormal found. 

   I found that, the signal "hreset" may drop down a short time, "hreset" I use as input signal,4.7K res pull up, that means I do not drive on the signal . I also found "ifc_clk" change from 50MHz to 12.5MHz,  when Ls1046  crash., If not crash ,it will be always 50MHz. So, it seems LS1046'PLL crash.

    One mistake is that, I used 1.0v to power the vdd, when I check the datasheet, it should be 0.9v(1.2Ghz), will this destroy the IC? I have correct the vdd to 0.9v, but I cannot find anything abnormal in these days.  may somebody help me ? 

  Thanks a lot.