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iMX8 Quad Max Xen, Dom0 hangs waiting for SD card partition.

Question asked by Sandesh Kenjana Ashok on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by Peng Fan

Dear All,


I am working on iMX8 Quad Max variant of board which has support for xen hypervisor. I am successful in getting xen compiled and working.  


Xen Version - 4.11.1

Linux kernel - iMX8 release image from 4.14.98

dtb :  fsl-imx8qm-mek-dom0.dtb


uboot commands are as below :

=> fatload mmc 2:1 0x80280000 Image

=> fatload mmc 2:1 0x83000000 fsl-imx8qm-mek-dom0.dtb

=> fatload mmc 2:1 0x92000000 xen

=> fdt addr 0x83000000
=> fdt resize
=> fdt set /chosen/module@0 compatible "xen,linux-zimage" "xen,multiboot-module"
=> fdt set /chosen/module@0 reg <0x80280000 0x16eba00>
=> fdt set /chosen/module@0 bootargs "earlycon=xen console=hvc0 loglevel=8 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 rw rootwait"

=> setenv bootargs "console=dtuart dtuart=/serial@5a060000 dom0_mem=128M"
=> booti 0x92000000 - 0x83000000


However i dom0 is brought up and linux kernel boots properly. But it couldn't find the root file system partition at mmcblk1p2, and hangs up. 


I have 3 partition in SD card, first partition containing image, dtb, xen and second partition consists of RFS for dom0 and 3rd containing RFS for domU.


Would be helpful if anyone came across this issue and get it fixed.


Best Regards,