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MPU S32K144 can not change region descriptor (RGD)

Question asked by Kevin Lau on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Daniel Martynek

Hi Dear Reader(s),


I am trying to exercise the memory protection unit functions, but anything that I changed the descriptor would take the codes to HardFault_Handler().  See line 116 to line 122 in the main.c from the attached file. These lines are copied below.


// Descriptor 0
// MPU->RGD[0].WORD0 = 0x1FFF8000; // start address
// MPU->RGD[0].WORD1 = 0x20000000; // end address
// MPU->RGD[0].WORD2 = 0x61f7df; // access R/W for masters: M7 - M0
// // 0x7df;
// //0x61f7df reset value suggests there are M3 - M0 masters.
// MPU->RGD[0].WORD3 = 1; // optional PID, PIDMask, Valid


I have also tried to write back what were in these registers, the mcu would go to HardFault_Handler().


Is there anything I need to change to enable the write to region descriptors?






PS. attached zip file.