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OV10635 camera configuration parameters

Question asked by Md Anayatullah on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by Yue Fang

Hello Everyone,

In apex_isp_ lane departure warning demo application i got the below camera configuration for sony camera:

// Camera Configuration

// modify calmera geometry !!!

setup before setting up expsoure control SONY_Geometry_t lGeo;

lGeo.mCsiIdx = CSI_IDX_0;

SONY_GeometryGet(lGeo); lGeo.mWinMode = SONY_CROP;

//lGeo.mHeight = 729;

lGeo.mWidth = 1288;

lGeo.mHmax = 0;

lGeo.mOb = 2;

lGeo.mXoff = 0;

lGeo.mYoff = 0;

lGeo.mVerFlip = 1;

lGeo.mHorFlip = 1;

lGeo.mFps = 30;

SONY_GeometrySet(lGeo); // modify camera exposure SONY_Exposure_t lExp; lExp.mCsiIdx = CSI_IDX_0; SONY_ExposureGet(lExp); lExp.mConversionGain = 0; lExp.mExposureLines = 250; lExp.mAnalogGain = 0; lExp.mConfigFlags = SONY_EXP_EL | SONY_EXP_CG | SONY_EXP_AG; SONY_ExposureSet(lExp);


In my case I have ov10635 camera.Therefore i need the above parameters for ov10635 camera.So where can i find the above camera configuration details for ov10635 camera to run the demo apex_isp_ lane departure warning application?

Should i have to do any other further setting to run the mentioned lane departure warning demo application? 

Any kind of help or suggestion in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Best Regards

Md Anayatullah##