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5744P does not work after reset

Question asked by 普润 许 on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Peter Vlna

   I was having a problem testing when using the 5744P development product when running

MC_ME.MCTL.R = 0x00005AF0; /* Mode & Key */
MC_ME.MCTL.R = 0x0000A50F; /* Mode & Key inverted */

   After reset, the MCU will not run, and the RESET pin will remain in the low state. About a tenth of the board currently has this problem.
   The power chip we use is the FS6500, the software is written and booted by the BootLoader, and the reset command is triggered by the external DI input.
   Later, we found that there are two ways to eliminate this problem. One is to replace the MCU, and the other is to plug in the P&E (still booting through the BootLoader, not using the S32DS debug).
   At present, it is suspected that the cause of the fault may be related to the 3.3v power supply of the reset circuit or the chip, but there is still no specific reason for confirming the problem.

   I hope you can provide some ideas or solutions.