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Synchronization of ETIMER and ADC and PWM with Different Rate (MPC5744P)

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Marius-lucian Andrei

Dear All


I have PWM modules being switched at 20Khz.


1. I want to Sample ADC at 10Khz, (synchronized with PWM) and I can achieve that by ADC and CTU. (Achieved)

2. I want to Etimer at 20Khz sysced with PWM(toggle up and down at 10 kHz) (need help)





My problem is that I want ETIMER at 20Khz, which has to be synced with the same PWM and seems to be impossible to have both, ADC at 10KHz and ETIMER at 20KHz. 

Is it possible to have ADC Sampling at 10Khz and Etimer at 20Khz synced with the same PWM (switched at 20Khz)?


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Constantin Razvan Chivu -> for you maybe.