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How can I configure multi-channel SAI using edma?

Question asked by Henrique Nogueira on Jul 10, 2019
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I'm trying to configure an imx RT1020 board to do an audio transfer from 1 input to 2 outputs. All lines are mapped to SAI1 and I'm using channel 0 for RX and channels 1 and 2 for TX.


I've been trying for some time now to use the SDK sai_edma workflow, based on the evkmimxrt1020_sai_edma_transfer example. I can successfully setup 1 channel in and 1 channel out, however things get more complicated when I try to include the second TX channel. It appears that the SDK isn't designed for multi-channel SAI edma transfers (e.g. in the function SAI_TransferTxCreateHandleEDMA there's a private handle (s_edmaPrivateHandle) that's used for each TX handle, so I shouldn't really be using 2 different handles. And if I try to manually change the  value before calling SAI_TransferSendEDMA, I get weird behaviours in the outputs).


My guess is that I can't use a single edma handler for both channels, since each edma handler is naturally assigned to a dma channel.


My question is: is there a correct way to setup the SAI edma for multi-channel usage using the SDK or do I need to go around it?


Thank you for your time!