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Does all the iMX6 and iMX8 modules support FDCAN?

Question asked by prabhu kumar on Jul 9, 2019
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We are designing a carrier board for iMX6 and iMX8 SoM module(Powered by i.MX 6 Quad, i.MX 6 Dual, i.MX 8QuadMax, i.MX 8QuadPlus and i.MX 8DualMax Processors) which is compatibility between these modules.

We are incorporating the CAN communication. Does anybody know the FDCAN support iMX6 and iMX8 ?

From the NXP community we have found that the iMX6 is not supporting the FDCAN, which is contradictory with the datasheet of iMX6Dand iMX6. 

Can anybody give a confirmation on the FDCAN support of iMX6 and iMX8 modules?