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IMXRT1064 LVDS CLK input usage

Question asked by Daniel Basilio on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by Daniel Basilio
Our query relates to the LVDS 'CCM_CLK1_P/CCM_CLK1_N' external clock input on the IMXRT1064. It states in the datasheet:
"One general purpose differential high speed clock Input/output (LVDS I/O) is provided. It can be used:
• To feed external reference clock to the PLLs and further to the modules inside SoC."
We would like to run the timer modules (GPT, TMR) on the IMXRT1064 off this external 100MHz LVDS clock, but run the ARM core clock off 600MHz that is generated from the external 24MHz crystal.
Our question is:
  1. Can one run the ARM core clock (AHB_CLK) unsynchronized from the peripheral bus clock (IPG_CLK) ? 
Thank you in advance