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DEMO9S12PFAME: Unexpected "ILLEGAL_BP" Error

Discussion created by Pushkaraj Panse on Feb 12, 2009
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I am facing a problem/difficulty while building a simple application using demo-board "DEMO9S12PFAME" for MC9S12P128. I have worked with Freescale 16-bit automotive MCUs in the past and I strongly suspect that the current problem may not be trivial. Would highly appreciate your assistance on this..

For you to be able to replicate the problem at your end on the same demo-board, I have described below a step-by-step procedure and have also attached the relevant project files:

The exact problem: Run-time failure. More specifically, CodeWarrior's True-Time Simulator reports an “illegal breakpoint” immediately after the attached code starts execution on the target device.

* Hardware environment: DEMO9S12PFAME (Demo-board for MC9S12P128)

* Programming environment: CodeWarrior v4.7

* OS: Windows XP

Pls follow the following four steps to replicate the problem for the above-mentioned environment:
Step 1: Create a new project using the following CodeWarrior options:
* Derivative: MC9S12P128
* Language: C
* Project set up for PC-lint (TM): No
* Level of startup code: ANSI startup code
* Floating point format: IEEE32 for both double and float
* Memory model: Small
* Connections: SofTec HCS12

Step 2: Copy the contents of the attached main.c into the main.c file for the project. Choose the “debug” button from CodeWarrior IDE for downloading code on the target.

Step 3: While downloading the code, choose the following option in true-time simulator & Real-time debugger:
* HW model - Code: DEMO9S12PFAME

Step 4: Click the "run" button. The device raises an “illegal breakpoint” error.

Would appreciate your support.

Raj Panse


P.S.: A description for the attachments is as follows:

1. Installed Plugins.TXT: Contains the CodeWarrior version details
2. Report.zip: Contains (zipped) project files. This project fails in the run-time by producing the reported problem.
3. main.c A copy of the main.c file from the project "Report".






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