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BDI2000 failed to read/write empty flash on MPC8347e

Question asked by spark zhao on Feb 11, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2010 by nick lee
Hi All
Before erasing the first sector of the flash, the BDI2000 can write/read the flash. But after that, BDI will reset the the target board (8347) automatically again and again:
*** TARGET: processing target startup failed
# PPC: timeout while waiting for freeze
- TARGET: target will be restarted in 10 sec
So I tried to add a RCW command in the config file of the BDI, then the restart issue was resolved, but the flash can't be write and read now.
# SAP: read access failed
I can use my usbtap/codewarrior to program this empty flash sucessfully,  can anyone please help?
MPC8347e 667/333MHZ / 128MB flash (SPANSION S29GL01GP) / 256MB DDR2 533MHZ, attach is my configuration file.