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KSZ9893R phy on LPC1768

Question asked by Darren Cawthorne on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by xiangjun.rong



I have an LPC1768 setup with the demo DP83848J phy running successfully inside an RTOS so I have a decent code base to work from. 


I have since re-spun a board with the KSZ893R as the phy, now I didn't expect this to just run with the same code but it appears to be completely buggered! During the setup of the EMAC on the LPC itself the unit hangs to the point it locks out the debugger.


I have traced the fault to a single line :




the define is just setting a 0x02 into the register. 


If i run this code on the dev board ( using original phy ) it runs fine but at this point surely im not even talking to the phy?


I noticed the phy im using isnt listed in the known compatible list but does that mean I am limited only to this list? my knowledge of ethernet is limited somewhat. I just assumed so long as they have the correct RMII / MII pins they are good to go.