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RGMii TXC skew at 1000B, 125MHz IMX7 Registers

Question asked by DAVID SABALESKY on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by DAVID SABALESKY

I am working on the RGMii interface between IMX7 and KSZ8795. I would like to know if there are clock registers to provide the necessary 1ns - 2.6ns delay on the TXC, transmit clock. The KSZ8795 is set to transmit with delay on RXC.

The RXC is handled and does not need to be modified.


I need to find either a register to set in the IMX7 for the delay or add a pcb trace of approximately 9in for the delay.

I prefer to set a register value instead of adding a lengthy trace on a highly constrained layout.

Please refer me to the documentation if available to skew the TXC to the PHY, RGMii mode.

I have the RGMii port working at 10/100base however I cannot get the port to operate at 1000base.

If anyone has information on the Linux driver for the KSZ8795 it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,