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IMX6Q RAM Configuration

Question asked by Kyle Cassar on Jun 10, 2019
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We are having stability issues running the IMX6Q. We think it is something to do with our RAM setup.

We are using 2 x1GB of RAM. Calibration passes fine and RAM stress test passes with no issues between 425 and 580MHz.


we are using memtester in Linux on the board if we use the following it seems to work fine and loop with no problems.

memtester 128M.


However the further we go above 128M the more usnstable the system becomes.

for example running at 150M memtester fails immediately.

doing the same thing on the sabreSD board we can run easily at 512M.


Is this to do with 32 bit memory vs 64 bit?


As per the u-boot code for the mx6sabresd we are configuring the RAM by specifying the DCD table and looping over it and setting the values as per ddr_init() in mx6sabresd.c.


However we have seen in older versions of u-boot instead of using the DCD table various structures were filled out and the following functions were called instead. mx6dq_dram_iocfg() and mx6_dram_cfg(). We see from doing it this way you can explicitly set things such as ralat and walat. How do we do the equivelant when using the DCD table as is now the norm.


Thanks in advance for any help,