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RCM for i.MX Family

Discussion created by Paul Roberts on Jun 10, 2019
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The K22 has a “Reset Control Module”.  This module contains two (2) status registers as explained in Chapter 13 of the

K22 Sub-Family Reference manual (K22P64M50SF4RM .pdf) (see page 253) that tell us how the MCU was last booted, whether it was due to watchdog, POR, reset pin, or none of the above,


We use this in our bootloader to determine if the bootloader should try to jump to the application, or if it should stay in the bootloader.


We found this an easy alternative to using a common area of RAM between bootloader and application.  My question:


Does anything similar to the the K22's RCM exist in the i.MX Family?  (I could not find anything. )