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No Reset Vector Value in glo file?

Question asked by everk image on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Edward Karpicz

MCU is MC9S12XEQ512,compile the offical bootloader project and get one glo and one s19 file in the directory 'bin'.


In the project's prm file,I get source codes like:

VECTOR 0 _BootStart

VECTOR 1 _BootStart

VECTOR 2 _BootStart

In s19 file,i get the expected code:


But in glo file,i get the unexpected code:



Description of PPAGE register in the datasheet,i get following words:

The fixed 16KB page from 0x4000~0x7FFF is the page number 0xFD;

The fixed 16KB page from 0xC000~0xFFFF is the page number 0xFF;

The 16KB page from 0x8000~0xBFFF mapped range is 0x780000~0x7FFFFF;


Upgrade processing use the glo file,but there is no Reset Vector Value(0xFFFA~0xFFFE) in glo file,how does this work?