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imx8qm mek android P9 AUTO 使用板载HDMI_TX显示

Question asked by on May 22, 2019
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我现在使用的是imx8qm mek 板子,当前的android P9 AUTO 版本只能编译出lvds-hdmi显示的版本,请问现在 android P9 AUTO版本代码已经支持板载的HDMI_TX显示吗?如果有,需要怎么配置?谢谢~


hi everyone:

I am using the imx8qm mek board now, the current android P9 AUTO version can only compile the version shown by lvds-hdmi, may I ask whether the code of android P9 AUTO version already supports the display of HDMI_TX on the board?If yes, how do I configure it?thank you~