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Arrays in S08 assembly language

Discussion created by Randy Silks on Feb 2, 2009
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I am having trouble creating an array in S08 code. Looking for a little help here, this is a snippet of my code;
; Wail table. Three bytes per block consisting of adjustment value, interrupt
; divider count, and adjustment count.
; Table is called wailtabl, error occurrs during compile. Using code warrior 6.2 with latest service packs.
; This code used to work when using the HC05C8A, now I am porting over to S08.
; error is; A1055 Error in Expression
wailtabl equ   
; Wail up
         fcb     1                   ;adjust value, first interval
         fcb     2                   ;interrupt divider
         fcb     36                  ;adjustment count
         fcb     1                   ;second interval
         fcb     3
         fcb     29
         fcb     2                   ;third interval ETC.