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pcf85263a offset adjust

Question asked by JAE WON CHEONG on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by G.w. Sun


I am using  PCF85263A RTC chipset in my product.


It gets faster every day. So, I want to adjust offset register. (24h Offset OFFSET[7:0])


I don't under stand 2 point.

1. I want to slow RTC .   Now RTC get faster every day. Then adding or subtracting  clock ? 


The correction is made by adding or subtracting clock correction pulses, thereby changing
the period of a single second but not by changing the oscillator frequency.


2.  , Would you explain more about below?   once every four hours ?  once per minute ?

 Correction when OFFM = 0  

The correction is triggered once every four hours and then correction pulses are applied
once per minute until the programmed correction values have been implemented


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