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Periodically scan Thread Nodes IP in my Border Router using Linux + KW as HCD with serial TAP

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hi all,


I followed this tutorial Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD  to create a complete Border Router with my Raspberry PI + Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP. 


From my Raspberry PI when I open the Thread Shell (sudo ./bin/Thread_Shell /dev/ttyACM0 threadtap0 25) I am able to ping the Thread nodes. At this point I made a python script to communicate with them using CoAP protocol with the python library CoAPthon, the problem is that I want to make an automatic python script so I need to periodically scan the nodes (command "getnodesip" from the Thread_Shell) to get the nodes ip and know how many nodes are currently available. 


How can I get the global Ips of the nodes without closing the Thread_Shell? I know that manually I can put in the Thread Shell "getnodesip" and the nodes ip appears but my goal is to make it automatic from my python script. 


I watched in the hsdk-python folder (hsdk-python/src/com/nxp/wireless_connectivity/test) a script that get the address of the nodes ( The problem is that if I have the Thread_Shell open the script does not work, this is what appears:



However, when I close the Thread_Shell I am able to obtain the addresses of the nodes:

The thing is, is there any way to obtain periodically the Ip nodes of my network from a python script without closing the Thread_Shell that maintains the Ip connection to execute CoAP actions?




Diego Comín