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Building the imx8mminievk kernel from source

Discussion created by Andreas Gustafsson on Apr 5, 2019
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This guide will show you how to build the kernel for the imx8mminievk from source natively on the board. It will assume that you are on a Debian system (see my guidedebootstrap Debian Buster on imx8mminievk). Please note that you will need about 3GB of free disk space.


First off we need to install some tools:

sudo apt install git build-essential bc


Clone the imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga branch from the linux-imx git repository:

git clone --branch imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga --single-branch linux-imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga


Copy the running linux configuration:

cd linux-imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga
zcat /proc/config.gz > .config


Blank the CONFIG_LOCALVERSION, Debian packaging does not accept underscores:



Optional, Reconfigure the kernel:

sudo apt install libncurses5-dev
make menuconfig


Build kernel and debian packages:

make -j$(nproc) bindeb-pkg


Install the Debian kernel packages:

sudo dpkg -i ../linux-image-4.14.78-*deb ../linux-headers-4.14.78-*deb


Backup old kernel and install new:

sudo mkdir /mnt/boot && sudo mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/boot
sudo cp /mnt/boot/Image /mnt/boot/Image.bak
sudo sh -c "zcat $(ls -t /boot/vmlinuz* | head -n1) > /mnt/boot/Image"


Reboot system:

sudo reboot


Verify your kernel version with:

uname -a


If the new kernel won't boot, you can connect via serial console (usb-uart) and interrupt the u-boot booting and boot old kernel with:

setenv image Image.bak