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Help needed with a missing header file 6812dp256b.h

Discussion created by Roberto Mattos on Jan 23, 2009
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I was recently assigned with a task that involves recovering an existing project that uses a microprocessor from FreeScale, the MC9S12A128BCFU. The problem is that this was a third part project and the guys that first developed the firmware are no longer available (at all). I tried to dig in what they left but I could not even compile the source code they left behind (yes, I am using the correct CodeWarrior version for this part). Apparently the missing link is that their code is calling for a header named 6812dp256b.h that I do not have available and I was wondering if this is a standard header that is available from an evaluation board or something else (I could not find it on FreeScale site, but perhaps I am looking for in the wrong places). I strongly believe that if I get this file, I will be able to fully compile the code I have here and understand what it does.

So I would really appreciate if somebody could give me some light regarding this particular file, what is the contents of it.