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FlexCAN flexcan_interrupt example

Question asked by Johannes Bruder on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Daniel Chen

Hi Guys,

the flexcan_interrupt example does not work for me with MCUXpressoSDK 2.5.0 at all. I followed the the steps of the readme.txt but  since I have only one TWR-K64F120M+TWR-SER set of boards, I used a FRDM-K64F + self-made PCA82C251 board. I copied the board related files ( pin_mux, board, clock_config ...)  from the loopback example of frdm-k64f. Additionally I added the initialization of the pins PB18 &  PB19 like it is done for TWR-K64F120M. I measured the signals of CANL and CANH  and it seems ok. Any Ideas what could be going wrong here ?

It would be nice if someone which have two sets of TWR-K64F120M+TWR-SER could double check if it is working at his desk.