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PN7462 HSUart

Question asked by Damiano Gilioli on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hi All,

I am new on PN7462 and I’m working in PNEV7462c development board.

My goal is integrate the HSUart in the PN7462AU_ex_phexMain project example, so i created a new Task and inside the task there are the HSUart init.

Below the task code:



      RfidCom.eInterface = E_HIF_HSU;

    RfidCom.sConfig.sHsuConfig.bIsHsuBoot = 0;

    RfidCom.sConfig.sHsuConfig.bEOF = 8;

    RfidCom.sConfig.sHsuConfig.bStopBits = 1;

    RfidCom.sConfig.sHsuConfig.bDummyBytes = 0;

    RfidCom.eBufferType = E_BUFFER_FORMAT_FREE;

    RfidCom.bShortFrameLen = 0;

    RfidCom.bStoreErrData = 0;

    RfidCom.bHeaderSize = 0;

    RfidCom.bTimeout = 100;

    RfidCom.sConfig.sHsuConfig.bBaudRate = E_HSU_BAUDRATE_9_6K;



    phhalHif_Init(&RfidCom, &Generic_CallBack);







I’m not able to understand why when the code arrives at the instruction “phRtos_TaskDelay(100)” the execution jump at the function “phFlashBoot_HardFault_Handler()

Any idea to solve the problem?