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How to use USB-4G module in imx8qxpmek

Question asked by Xi Chenchen on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi, there.

I'm using the imx8qxpmek and I connect it with a USB-4G module manufactured by HUAWEI.

when the stick connect to the board, shows:

[ 2597.882269] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using cdns-usb3
[ 2598.042076] cdc_ether 1-1:2.0 wwan0: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-xhci-cdns3-1, Mobile Broadband Network Device, 02:1e:10:1f:XX:XX

i want to know how to dial and connect the Internet using the usb-4G module and use this module to access the Internet.