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Tips:How to measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK board in an easy way

Discussion created by Patrick Pan Employee on Feb 18, 2019

Customer can measure communication distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK boards when one DR1174+DR1175 and  one DR1174+DR1199 available .


1) Flash DimmableLight on DR1174+DR1175 and DimmerSwitch on DR1174+DR1199 respectively  then join them to

    same Zigbee network and binding DimmableLight to DimmerSwitch with following steps:

    a) press DIO8 on DR1175 and observe LED starts flashing;

    b) press and hold DIO8 on DR1199 to see D1 starts blinking then press and hold SW3 on DR1199 till LED on DR1175

        stop flashing, release SW3 then DIO8 .

2) Unmount DR1199 and DR1175 individually , change jump from REG to BAT on both DR1174 then remount DR1199

    and DR1175 , unplug USB cable if it is connected to the DK board , mount 4 Batteries on  bottom side of both DK


3) 2 person with each one holding one DK board and walk in reverse direction, one keeps toggle pressing SW1/SW2

    while another one keeps observing LED until there is no more reaction when SW1/SW2 pressed, where

    the maximum distance ZCL command can be measured.  


Current max-distance of ZCL command on JN5169 DK board ranges from 120 to 160 meters while environment varies.