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Clear Match Tier LPC51U68

Question asked by Carlos Medeiros on Jan 15, 2019
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Im currently working with a LPC51U58, doing kind of a code migration from LPC11u14.

For the LPC11u14 I had a old code from a colleague : 


void TIMER32_0_IRQHandler(void)
Chip_TIMER_ClearMatch(LPC_TIMER32_0, 1);
sleeping = FALSE;



* @brief Clears a (pending) match interrupt
* @param pTMR : Pointer to timer IP register address
* @param matchnum : Match interrupt number to clear
* @return Nothing
* @note Clears a pending timer match interrupt.
STATIC INLINE void Chip_TIMER_ClearMatch(LPC_TIMER_T *pTMR, int8_t matchnum)
pTMR->IR = TIMER_IR_CLR(matchnum);



I'm trying to recreate for the LPC51U68, but i don't find in the api a function that does the same of this last, anyone knows if theres a way of using other function to hve the same result or is it better to create my own?


Thank you!