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problem on BCM5461S SGMII

Question asked by jinghui mou on Dec 27, 2018


Here is trouble for SGMII ping on T1024 board. We use BCM54618 PHY on current board but we are to replace it with BCM5461S. But we failed on ping trying even we strictly follow NXP guide for new driver.

Here we have questions are :

     1, Do we have to download special patch for BCM54618S? or any already known bug?

     2, In case we do not use SGMII but 1000base-kx to simplify our design ,any code example on u-boot  ?

         So far we found in source code both 1000base-kx and SGMII are belonged to SGMII procedure. Is  it correct  ?Our idea is to use Serdes-to-cooper mode by using BCM5461S.


     3, 1000base-kx and 1000base-kx is same for t1024 ?



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