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How to let QN9083 be bonded by only one mobile phone

Question asked by Albert Sung on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Albert Sung

Hi All,


I would like to let my QN9083 application be bonded by only one BLE mobile phone and other phones cannot connect it.

So I enabled the "gAppUsePairing_d" and "gAppUseBonding_d", then also redefined both the "gAppMaxConnections_c" and "gMaxBondedDevices_c" to be "1" in the app_preinclude.h.

But after I did the pairing and bonding with one phone successfully, I disconnected it then reconnect with another phone, the QN9083 still can be paired and bonded successfully.


Is there any other parameters in project codes which also need to be modified or redefined ?

Please give me some instructions or suggestions. Thank you in advance.


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