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DSPI driver example for TWR-K21F120M not outputting anything on TWRPI socket

Question asked by Dagan Martinez on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Daniel Chen


 I am running the example "dspi_polling_b2b_transfer_master.c" and several other of the DSPI examples. 


I have an oscilloscope attached to pins 12(CLK) and 11(SS) of the J3 TWRPI socket. When I run the example, nothing shows on the scope. 


I get this as output:


`DSPI board to board polling example.
This example use one board as master and another as slave.
Master uses polling way and slave uses interrupt way.
Please make sure you make the correct line connection. Basically, the connection is:
DSPI_master -- DSPI_slave   
   CLK      --    CLK  
   PCS      --    PCS
   SOUT     --    SIN  
   SIN      --    SOUT
   GND      --    GND


 Master transmit:


Error occured in DSPI transfer !


 Press any key to run again`  (I removed the print statements in the loop after "Master transmit") 


When I do anything with I2C, I *do* get output shown on the oscilloscope. So what's up with DSPI?