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Re: Link Error: L1822: Symbols are undefined

Discussion created by mauricio fernandez montoya on Dec 24, 2008
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for these days i´m trying to migrate my whole work on microcontrolers (proyects) from Metrowerks CW 3.0 to Freescale CW 6.2 with some problems.

for example, with some libraries that doesn't link to their declarations on the main program.   when compile the proyect some errors and warnings appear:

Link Error  : L1822: Symbol Delayms_FUi in file C:// .....  ..... is undefined

also with other "symbols".  

the code from .h file where Delayms is declared:

#include "derivative.h" /* include peripheral declarations */

#ifndef __TIMERAPI_H
#define __TIMERAPI_H    1
void Delayus(unsigned int us);
void Delayms(unsigned int ms);
#endif /* __TIMERAPI_H */

the code on the header of the main program:

#include <hidef.h> /* for EnableInterrupts macro */
#include "derivative.h" /* include peripheral declarations */
#include "TIMERAPI.h" /*include Delays declarations*/
#include "STEPPERAPI.h"

plus, errors seems to apear on .O files from proyect_data\ObjectCode\main.ccp.o
those errors didn't appear in my old version of CW from Metrowerks.

What can i do ?