juha panula-ontto

vf610_adc modified to support adc2 and ch list

Discussion created by juha panula-ontto on Nov 20, 2018

Here is my mods for vf610_adc.c. It sure needed some fixing.


Now it can use both adc1 and adc2 if available w iio/trigger/buffer stuff.

Maybe NXP will publish later better docs about adc2 or a new fixed RM doc....


Also w dts can be set ch list of used adc channels. Idea got from digi.

ch number 16 and 17 are special, temp and timestamp.

No need to touch source code.


isr can be better code, maybe usage of wait_for_completion_interruptible_timeout or something else 

but it just waits there to have all ch values.


Do not use internal tsc if adc2 is used for iio!