Eric Maurice

Rapid IoT Studio update: NFC reader, Screen off and more !

Discussion created by Eric Maurice Employee on Nov 2, 2018

Hi all,


We have released an update of the Rapid IoT Studio allowing for more functionalities !


You can now use new elements in your projects

  •    SigFox click from MikroE element
  •    NFC reader click (PN7210) MikroE element
  •    Hbridge1 click MikroE element
  •    A backlight control element to control the kit brightness
  •    A debug print element, to be used with a docking station to collect data over the serial bus and see it in a terminal on a PC.


Next to this if you rebuild and flash the Out of the Box application on you kit you will get a couple of new features:

  •    Pressing SW1 and SW4 for 5 seconds, you can toggle the display OFF and ON
  •    Going into the Rapid IoT Mobile App with an android phone you can now provision your kits via NFC



You will also note that in Rapid IoT studio, elements color changed to help differentiating their types.