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KL24Z32VFT4 programming issue via FRDM-KL25Z OpenSDA

Question asked by Harsha Ganegoda on Oct 26, 2018

I tried to program my custom board which has KL24Z32VFT4 processor using FRDM-KL25Z as debugger.


I used MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KL25Z_Pemicro_v118.SDA as an OpenSDA firmware. But it did not program. But then I tried to debug another FRDM-KL25Z board using another FRDM-KL25Z board. I connected J6 connectors on the both FRDM boards and I was able to program. So that's mean Can't I use MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KL25Z_Pemicro_v118.SDA firmware to program KL24Z32VFT4? Is it only support for KL25Z?