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Last CodeWarrior version using uTasker 1.3v

Question asked by Eugenia Suarez on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Eugenia Suarez

The company has being using uTasker v1.3 with an old codewarrior version (5.9) for an industrial applicaction project  built with that platform some time ago. This industrial equipment is based on coldifre (mcf52259).

Currently this CW IDE version is installed in a computer within windows XP OS. But debugging is not working; the IDE hangs. And XP Ws is totally obsolete, it is out of official support.

I would like to install a newer CW version in a computer with windows 10  and load the whole application files, to create the project, being able to compile files and make the fw bin files with the minimum code modifications.

I know that last versions of CW are not supporting uTasker v1.3, so they may be using the v.14. But I would like to know if here is anyone who knows what is the last CW version compliant with uTasker 1.3v. I don't need the newest CW version, but some version newest than CW5.9 could be fine to check if debugging is possible, also running out of windows XP operating system. 


I was trying to find more information about this kind of question and I also was trying to contact someone in uTasker project, but its web seems to be disabled and contact emails too. I don't know if uTasker project is stopped or I was visiting the wrong link.


Any information will be apreciate and it will be helpful. 

Best regards.