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Migrating from a previous version of the SDK v1 with KDS into MCUXpresso IDE SDK 2.4 (KL17z)

Question asked by Tomás Bautista on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Tomás Bautista


We are trying to migrate a piece of software with had developed with SDK v.1 and old KDS for the KL17z MCU into the "new" MCUXpresso IDE with SDK 2.4.1 for the same MCU. It turns out that in the MKL17Z4.h file in the old SDK bundle some items were defined such as RFSYS_REG1, RFSYS_REG2 and so on. We were using in fact RFSYS_REG1. Right now I do not know whether that old 'MKL17Z4.h' file could be like the one found in nxp-sdk/MKL17Z4.h at master · DiUS/nxp-sdk · GitHub , where it can be seen that RFSYS_REG0, RFSYS_REG1 and so on are defined. With the 'new' version of that same file existing in SDK 2.4.1 lines like those do not appear, they seem to be mostly removed --somethig is still remaing, however, that relates to those registers-- and, moreover, I have checked that no information about those elements is given in the KL17 Sub-Family Reference Manual. The base address that is referenced both in the new and old version of the MKL17Z4.h file point to the same address, 0x40041000u, but, when looking for that address into the System Memory Map in the Manual it seems to be in the middle of a region labeled "AIPS Peripherals", and no indication about the RFSYS_REGx is given.

Therefore my questions are:

  - Could there be any other reference in some other manual that mentions those RFSYS_REGx elements and that were also valid for the KL17Z --although they do not appear in the manual I've mentioned previously--?

 - Are these registers substituted by some others when they are not explicitly mentioned with these same names in the manual of a specific subfamily?? They are mentioned for instance in the KL28Z subfamily but not in the KL17Z one.

Thanks in advance and greetings.