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NXP-NCI_LPC82X_example default to CFG1 or CFG2?

Question asked by benjamin chang on Oct 22, 2018
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We are the first time running "NXP-NCI_LPC82X_example" without any change to the source code, with OM13071 LPCXpresso824-MAX board + OM5578 (PN7150).

It worked well in the beginning and tags read ok. But somewhat after plugin/out the USB cable several times, we found the IC cover became very hot, and finally it cannot work anymore. LPC board can still run, but PN7150 cannot be found anymore. We just do not know what happened and wonder why?


We followed AN11990 to connect both demo board, for Vbat and Vant,

From "OM5578_PN7150S-schematics", we can see this connection is for CFG2.

From UM10936,

But after checking the project code, we found the default setting is for CFG1 in nfc_settings.h

#define NXP_TVDD_CONF        1 // 1=CFG1, 2=CFG2

Again From UM10936, for the different connection of CFG1,

Our questions are,

- Should we change the setting to CFG2 instead?

 If yes, we suggest making a note in the related document such as AN11990.

- What is the impact of this "SW setting=CFG1", but "HW connection=CFG2" issue?

 Is it just a performance issue as Vbat1 is for TXLDO input? Does this relate to our IC damaged? 

 Please note the IC was good and working in the beginning.