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I.MX 1060 memory config failure

Question asked by Torstein Lenerand on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2018 by Aldo Gutierrez



We recently started development on the MIMXRT1060-EVK.

This application is based on the evkmimxrt1060_lwip_udpecho_freertos example project.


After using up most of the available memory in the SRAM_DTC memory region(128KB), we want the software to mainly reside on the SRAM_OC region (768KB). However, as is also the case with an unmodified example lwip project, when putting the OC region above the DTC region and building + flashing, ethernet functionality stops working.


Earlier, we developed on the 1050-EVK, and did not have this issue. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to resolve this issue? (most likely related to changing the Tx/Rx ethernet buffer pointers?)


In addition, we noted that it is impossible to setup BOARD_SRAM as the 2nd memory region (BOARD_FLASH as 1st region). this applies to all of the example projects in the SDK (2.4.0). Are there any settings on the 1060 that were not on the 1050 regarding on-board memory, or is this an SDK error?


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Here is the output from the attempted flash when setting BOARD_SDRAM as the 2nd region (tested with the lwip_udpecho_freertos example and hello world):

SDRAM flash log