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Measure resistance: (NHS3152)

Question asked by Tom Sander on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Dries Moors

Hello NXP Community,


i have a NHS3152 Demoboard and i want to measure the resistance with two Pins.

The resistor is connected to ANA1 and ANA4.
To do this, I switched on the digital to analog converter at pin ANA1 and set it to a continuous voltage of 1.25 Volts. Then I switched on the analog to digital converter and measured the voltage.
To measure the current I first switched off the AD-converter and "disconnected" it from the pin. Then the I2D unit is connected to the pin and the current is measured.
The results nearly correspond to the real resistance. However, the resistance always deviates by about 10k.
My question is now whether I proceed correctly with the measurement and how I find simply the correct scaling of the current for arbitrary resistances.

Maybe, there is an easier way to do this?


sincerely, Tom