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NFC in Model Car (1:18) Timing

Question asked by Andreas Zapfl on Oct 2, 2018
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my name is Andreas Zapfl and I´m working on my bachelor thesis at the FH JOANNEUM Graz. 

Our goal is to create a time measurement system for 1:18 model cars. These cars are driving autonomous in a course. (More information Crazy Car » FH JOANNEUM [in German])


The readers would be placed above the ground and the cars are driving through (20-30 cm below).


We are currently figuring out which technology to use. We want a passive tag system (stickers on the cars) with a range of up to 1m. We thought about multiple small antennas side by side to minimize the crosstalk between different sectors of the course.


The PN532 was tested with NTAGs and range is too small for the project.


ICODE seems applicable. Can anyone give us information about similar technologies which can be used for a timing system?


Which ICODE ICs are reasonable? The security is not that big of a problem. The important part is the timing, that every tag has to be recognized. Are there any dev boards?


Thank you so much!