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Fast path from MIPI CSI to HDMI using MCIMX8M-EVK?

Question asked by Jon Stewart on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Jon Stewart

I'm trying to determine if the i.MX 8MQ is suitable for our needs which involve streaming video from two MIPI CSI cameras to an HDMI output.  The MCIMX8M-EVK evaluation kit seems to suit this purpose nicely, with dual CSI inputs and "out of the box" HDMI output (at least with the default pre-built Android software). There is also an available MIPI-CSI camera module from NXP (MINISASOCSI). 


However, I have downloaded the sample code for the EVK and I don't see any CSI example code (perhaps I overlooked it or it is a separate download).  Also, it seems this processor/board is not supported by MCUXpresso, so I will have to either build a development environment around ARM GCC or purchase IAR Embedded Workbench.



  • Is there example code to go from MIPI-CSI to HDMI with the MCIMX8M-EVK?  If so, where? 
  • Is there a better evaluation kit option from NXP for this purpose?  (Perhaps one that is supported by MCUXpresso.)