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MQX Debugger Issue

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Sep 24, 2018
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I have Code Warrior 10.6.4.FSL_b06015 license, and MQX4.2 installed with K60 tower.

Earlier, I had posted the same question, and I thought the issue is resolved. But it keeps coming back.

I have deleted created a new MQX4.2 project and copied source code into the newly created project, and recompiled bsp, psp, and application. The debugger starts and failed at




    /* Set the global pointer to the kernel data structure */
    _SET_KERNEL_DATA(kernel_data);   //DEBUGER FAILED AT THIS LINE: with error messages:

   target request failed, not allowed to access registers


I examined the mqx_init structure and saved and attached the screen dump.

I have created the second smaller MQX4.2 project, without problem of debugging. I also posted the mxq_init structure screen dump.

It seems there is a memory problem. The project was created 1 year ago (was be able to debug, and recently had problem, and the problem went away after recompiling bsp).


Could please examine the mxq_init? Is there a memory out of bound problem? But there is no warning or error of compilation, though.


Thank you,


David Zhou