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T4240 XAUI configuration

Question asked by Avinash Neethi on Sep 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Avinash Neethi

Hi All,

             We are facing a serious issue with respect to TLK10232. We made a customized design with T4240 Processor along with the TLK10232. We are using U-Boot version - 2016.01 and kernel version - 4.1.8 .  TLK10232 mdc and mdio are connected to the T4240 Processor.  Input reference clock is 156.25MHz. Pins That are hardwired,

PRTAD[4:0] - 11010,

ST - 0 and




How can we able to perform the read and write operation on the MDIO register space in uboot?

so that the path from T4240 to TLK10232 is clear ? Bulk Production is on hold due to this issue. Kindly Provide some idea to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance.


Avinash N