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problem occurs when i integrated my code with Coldfire_Lite project

Discussion created by Padmanaban Kesavaperumal on Dec 2, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2008 by Padmanaban Kesavaperumal
i am using mcf52235EVB board and keeping the Coldfire_Lite V30.0 as base and i tried to intergrate my code. i need to use TCP communcation with other system and i need to communicate with LCD using UART.
By keeping Coldfire_Lite_TCP_server as target i created a task to handle the LCD module. in the task entry i am initialized the UART2 and in the infinet loop calling the LCD function.
After executing the first command the control goes the uart2_isr() routine and not executing the other function if control goes to the next function also it not displaying in LCD.
when i implemanted separately in the new project it's working fine. only interrupt is genterated when soft buuton is  pressed in LCD.
Does any setting show be done for Coldfire_Lite project.
could you please help me.