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Problem using elftosb and blhost utility

Question asked by Saurabh Saxena on Aug 24, 2018
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I have created a secure binary file using elftosb utility with the following *.bd file


#Adding the sources in the Command file

sources {
section (0) {
erase 40K..42K;

load CIU_app;

further I use the following command to invoke the elftosb utility

elftosb -V -c -z -o

I am using the default zeroed key for encryption as it is mentioned in the mannual that the key need to written in the harware too?? 

After the file is generated I am trying to flash it using the blhost utility with the following invokation

blhost -p COM3 receive-sb-file C:\

After this I get the following error which I cant understand



output from blhost after flashing *sb file

What does this error means?? I have not used any jump command in my

I been reading the User guide, I see many gaps, are there any other documentation