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S32K146EVB OpenSDA firmware?

Question asked by Bob Lawson on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by Daniel Martynek
In the OpenSDA_Release_Notes.txt from the latest PEMicro applications zip, I see the following:

  MSD - DEBUG version 1.21

  - added new board support for S32K142EVB-Q100
  - added new board support for S32K146EVB-Q144
  - added new board support for S32K148EVB-Q144

Which firmware file do I program on the S32K146EVB-Q144 to do debugging via OpenSDA?  I see a MSD-DEBUG-EVB-S32K144_Pemicro_v119.SDA and a MSD-DEBUG-S32K142EVB-Q100_Pemicro_121.SDA.

I tried the MSD-DEBUG-S32K142EVB-Q100_Pemicro_121.SDA. When the board boots I see an "S32K142EVB" mass storage device. The D2 LED is solid green and the D11 LED is flashing red continuously.

Also, I have an "OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port" device in the Windows device manager, but when I connect to that COM port I don't see any messages. I'm using baud rate 115200. Should I see any debug port messages when I reset the evaluation board?

Versions in my SDA_INFO.HTM file:

<form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="">;
<input name="tag" type="hidden" id="tag" value="description" />
<input name="BOARD" type="hidden" id="BOARD" value="S32K146EVB-Q144" />
<input name="BOOTVER" type="hidden" id="BOOTVER" value="1.11" />
<input name="APPVER" type="hidden" id="APPVER" value="1.21" />
<input name="DUID" type="hidden" id="DUID" value="CF333938-0B3581D5-375AC80F-D349E678" />
<input name="EUID" type="hidden" id="EUID" value="C7B1A239-A2178737-1859AA14-F95268D6" />
<input name="TUID" type="hidden" id="TUID" value="74823938-47328196-8467AE18-C23B9871" />
                        <input name="TOA" type="hidden" id="TOA" value="86B6E505-7F935864-79B2A114-1E5AB1C6" />
<input name="TOA2" type="hidden" id="TOA2" value="86B6E505-BF15C9AA-AF6E54B6-0D356245" />
<input name="SUID" type="hidden" id="SUID" value="86B6E505-5BA18877-37239804-8003EC65" />
<input name="MICROVER" type="hidden" id="MICROVER" value="1.08" />
<input name="APPNAME" type="hidden" id="APPNAME" value="PEMicro S32K142EVB-Q100 Mass Storage/Debug App" />