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How to loading Code on Cortex-M4 from Linux/u-boot for the iMX8MQ

Question asked by Thinh Nguyen on Aug 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by igorpadykov

There are some demo binaries for imx8mq-evk. I found them in output folder after building source. I am using meta-fsl-bsp-release (4.9.88-2.0.0)

IMAGE_BOOTFILES += "imx8mq_m4_TCM_hello_world.bin imx8mq_m4_TCM_rpmsg_lite_pingpong_rtos_linux_remote.bin imx8mq_m4_TCM_rpmsg_lite_str_echo_rtos.bin"


My question is "Is there any document or user guide that help me flashing these firmware to M4 core?" I don't know how to use these firmware. Many thanks for help!