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PXP_v4l2_test: not displayed on LCD

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Aug 2, 2018
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I have imx6ul dev board. I also compiled imx_test-5.7. In the test package, there is a program pxp_v4l2_test.out under the unit_tests folder. I run :

pxp_v4l2_test.out -sx 350 -sy 240 -res 350:240 -dst 0:0:350:240  -a 100 -a 100 -w 5 t_yuv420_il.yuv BLANK


The program output:


unable to open /dev/video for output, continue searching device.                
Found v4l2 output device /dev/video0.                                           
V4L output 0 (0x8e100000): PxP Display Output                                   
Video input format: 350x240 YUV 4:2:0 Planar                                    
request count 6                                                                 
win.w.l/t/w/h = 0/0/350/240                                                     
crop.c.l/t/w/h = 0/0/350/240                                                    
PxP processing: start...                                                        
total time for 1 frames = 2500 us, 400 fps                                      
VIDIOC_STREAMOFF: Invalid argument


From the document:

Expected Result  | The video streaming can be viewed on LCD.


But there is no image or video displayed on the LCD.


I also installed gstreamer. it can play back a video clip onto the v4l2sink, and video clip is successfully rendered onto the LCD screen.


For the pxp_v4l2_test.out, what is missing?


Thank you,