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How to JTAG debug iMX8mq?

Question asked by Matt Campbell on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by Matt Campbell

I'm trying to bring up a custom board with an iMX8mq on it. We are having issues and I was looking to use JTAG to try and see what's going on. In the past on iMX6 we have used the SEGGER j-link Base with good success, but from their website it looks like they don't support any ARMv8 cores at this time.


I have a couple questions:

1) Has anyone got the j-link Base working with an iMX8 (cortex-a53 specifically). It looks like I might be able to use OpenOCD for this, but I am unsure.


2) Is there another recommended JTAG debugger I can buy that supports the iMX8mq?